Romanian Moldovan locl Feature Generation

Hello. When I generate a locl feature automatically in Glyphs for the Romanian and Moldovan S and T commaaccents, I get the code shown below in image A. But when I generate a font, then this feature only works for Moldovan, not Romanian. It seems the Romanian language tag doesn’t refer to the locl lookup in the GSUB whereas the Moldovan tag does. If I edit the code to that shown in image B, then both work. Can the automatic feature generator be amended to create the code in B? Regards, Alistair

Thanks. I have fixed it.

Thanks Georg.

@GeorgSeifert in 2.6.7 (1354) this is still not working.

I fixed it in Glyphs 3. I’ll have a look at the code in Glyphs 2.

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