Rotated Glyphs & Components sheered when decomposed

When decomposing rotated glyphs (ie. ‘d’ being used as a ‘p’ rotated 180 degrees), components within the parent glyph ‘p’ are sheered to an extreme amount (see photo attached). If the components in the parent glyph are decomposed FIRST, there is no sheering in the component glyph (d) and all works fine. The same issue is found in the b-q pairing of rotated glyphs (‘q’ being a ‘b’ rotated 180 degrees)

This seems to be a new issue as the previous builds of G3 did not result in this decomposition bug and worked fine.

Using 3.0.2 build (current cutting edge)
Using MacOS Mojave 10.14.6

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same Transformed components export bug - Big Sur, 3051

Thanks, we can reproduce it and are investigating the issue!

Awesome, thanks for the heads up and looking into it!

I have been working on that today and I think I fixed it. I recently enabled slant transformations on components and the processing if the transforms was not right.