Rotating a point doesn't rotate its handles anymore

Makes more sense to rotate handles too when only points are selected like before?

That is as intended. It was requested that none selected handles are not effected by a transformation.

Perhaps an alt modifier would make more sense for that, just like with using the alt+arrows that pressing it doesn’t alter the handles?

Or just also selecting the handles? You could write a script that extends the selection by surrounding handles:

from GlyphsApp import OFFCURVE
Layer = Glyphs.font.selectedLayers[0]
if Layer:
	selection = Layer.selection
	for thisPath in Layer.paths:
		numOfNodes = len(thisPath.nodes)
		for i in range(numOfNodes):
			currNode = thisPath.nodes[i]
			if currNode in selection and currNode.type != OFFCURVE:
				prevNode = thisPath.nodes[(i-1)%numOfNodes]
				nextNode = thisPath.nodes[(i+1)%numOfNodes]
				for thisHandle in (prevNode,nextNode):
					if thisHandle.type == OFFCURVE and not thisHandle in selection:
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