Round corners value limit

Hi all, I have a question regarding Round Corners filter.
Is there a reason why the value is limited to ≤500?
I was creating some overlay components and I have to make them smaller, round them and then scale them accordingly, which is two steps too much for me :).

Thanks for the explanation!

That was there to prevent explosions. But I removed it.
Have you tried to use the Fit Curve sidebar panel to make rounded shapes?

Perfect, thank you.

I haven’t, how would that work?

You manually put in the curve. The Fit Curve helps to make consistent curves. Can you share some screenshot of what you are doing, so we can help more specifically?

The Fit Curve palette allows you to adjust the tension (roundness) of a curve. Select the handles of a curved segment and click on a point in the Fit Curve palette. Around 60% looks “circle” round, but this depends on the design.