RoundCorner Filter not rounding all corners

Hi everyone. My name is Fran, I run Seabell Studio and I’m new to this arena, so this is my first post.

I couldn’t find the answer to one of the many questions I have, maybe you can help me here:
I have added two filters to one of the exports of a one-master font, in this order:

Filter: RemoveOverlap
Filter: RoundCorner;40;1

As far as I think it should work, the first one would make a boolean operation to end up with one object per glyph and the second adds the rounded corners. But the issue I have is that any corner smallter than 90 degrees won’t be rounded:

Is that a regular behaviour? When I preview the round corners from the pop up menu where I copy the parameters every corner gets rounded but not on export.

Thanks in advance!

This is the expected behavior. Use a negative rounding radius (for example, -40) to round the other corners. See in the Glyphs Handbook:

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Thank you so much, Florian! I keep forgetting the Handbook is the way to go for basic questions.

I ended using Filter: RoundCorner; -40; 1 for those corners. Somehow, the spaces were needed to make it work, whereas for positive values work without spaces.