Rounded Corners filter doesn't take effect when exporting a font

I followed the Rounded Corners filter ( But the filter doesn’t seem to take effect when exporting a file. Could you help me to identify this issue? Thanks.

  1. The filter takes effect in the editor view if the nodes are selected.
  2. The dialog of the filter doesn’t accept a negative value of the radius.
    (Rounded Corners Filter Outside/Inside, it said a negative value is acceptable)

Glyphs: Version 2.5.2 (1169)
Mac Mojave

Are you exporting a variable font?

Only works this way in the custom parameter.

No. Just a normal TTF.

But your reply reminds me to use another file to identify this issue. I use AndroidClock-Regular.ttf for comparison. is ok to convert a glyph to rounded corner without the need to select all the nodes. The exporting is fine.

But my target font requires to select all the node to complete a conversion for a glyph. And therefore fails to complete the exporting.

In Edit view, if you want to round all, you can either have no selection or all selected. If it does not work, then probably some small thing was selected accidentally.

I don’t know if this is due to the glyphs or the fonts. I can tell it won’t work properly for each of the fonts I am working on. But at least it works with Android-Clock.ttf.

For now, I think the filter doesn’t work properly with both of the editing and export modes. To clarify this issue, I captured the screens.


It seems to me you are mixing TT and PS outlines. Convert all to to PS outlines before you run the filter.