RTL Kerning Conversion Glyphs 2 to 3

In July, we had a topic about the missing values in kerning while converting files from Glyphs 2 to and the use of the script “Convert RTL Kerning from Glyphs 2 to 3”

Continuing the discussion from Organization of Classes:

You promised to take a look at this, but it seems like nothing happened until now. Can we expect a solution some day?

Glyphs 2

After using the script in Glyphs 3, the right kerning is gone.

The script currently misses kern pairs that start with non-RTL punctuation. I’ll see what I can do.

The kerning is not lost, it is just wrongly assigned to LTR. Can be difficult to sort out (and possibly there is no good solution) if LTR and RTL is mixed in kerning groups.

But its only an issue on the right side. The left side work. Wouldn’t it be possible to mark every pair, that contains at least one RTL glyph as a RTL kern pair?

The opposite will never occur, i think.