RTL preview feature request

I like how Glyphs remembers tabs and their content. It would also be helpful if it could remember in which writing direction a tab has been set; at the moment it seems to always revert back to LTR.

On a similar line, switching to RTL preview seems to enable Arabic shaping by default – I don’t have to manually activate the init, medi and fina features. If that is correct, it would be consistent and make sense to also have rlig activated by default.

Hope that makes sense!

I just implemented this yesterday :wink:

You must have been reading my mind. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Another thing came up on the same topic:
the Kashida character U+0640 should be joining – right now it breaks words in text mode.

Have you experienced text with diacritic marks? it break words as well… because they get Zero width only after export.

I have a scrip that removes marks from the text. They are not positioned properly (by design) and thous can’t be ignored when joining us applied.