Rubber Band Preview for Pen Tool? Curvature Pen tool equivalent?

I’m new from Illustrator and I am missing a few features - primarily the “rubber band” visual which allows you to see the path you’re drawing as you drag the cursor to a new point. Also I was wondering if there was any plugin which turned the pen tool into something like the curvature pen tool in AI - where it by default puts down curved nodes instead of corner ones? Thanks!

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Glyphs works differently in this regard to Illustrator. Click to add a straight segment; click and drag to add a curved segment. This is also why a rubber band preview would not work in Glyphs: Illustrator defaults to adding curved segments, but since in Glyphs a new segment can be either straight or curved, there is no single segment to preview as you move your mouse pointer.


It doesn’t have to be like a rubberband tool. It can be just a dotted-straight line from the previous anchor to the pen just to gauge where we are placing the next anchor.

It can also act as feedback to know if the pen tool is making a new path or continuing the previous path. i.e. if there is a dotted line connected between the curser and the previous anchor, it will mean we are continuing the path, and the absence of it shows it’s a new path.