Running scripts outside Glyphs

Hi there,

I know there’s a post somewhere asking for the same topic but I couldn’t find it. I’m using SublimeText to write my scripts and I was wondering how could I run them outside Glyphs.

Also, there’s an “autocomplete” option for Glyphs API, right?

Thank you for any help!

There is an option to control Glyphs from the outside but it is quite limited (

What you could do is to put the script into the script folder, edit the file in Sublime and then run it from the Script menu. The second time you can use the Cmd+Opt+R shortcut. It is not as convenient as pressing Cmd+R in Sublime but close.

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Great, thanks Georg. One option that came to my mind was that last one, actually.

Also, as I asked in the previous post, I know there is something like this (see image) for Glyphs API. How can I implement it in Sublime? Is this something I can also do by myself?


Thanks again.

There are snippets (see the Extend page, all the way at the bottom), but it’s not the same.

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I see. What’s the difference, then?