RVRN for unencoded glyphs

Hello, I am having some trouble with the rvrn feature. I know that it doesn’t work for unencoded glyphs and I need to add the same condition to other features.

In my example, let’s say I have a condition 0.5 < ital; – and I have an a.ss01 (unencoded) that I want to substitute with a.ss01.ital. How do I write this?

I tried:
feature ss01:

sub a by a.ss01;
condition 0.5 < ital;
sub a by a.ss01.ital;

which didn’t work, so I tried writing sub a.ss01 by a.ss01.ital;, which also didn’t work. Can somebody enlighten me as to how this properly works? Thank you!

This is the reason we I keep repeating that the rvrn feature should be ignored. The rvrn feature is – as defined in the spec – applied before any other feature. Nobody could explain to me why that restriction was added.

Just use the rlig feature.

I will leave that fight to Rainer and you, I’m just his Handlanger in this case :wink:

Do you mean I can simply use the code that I wrote into rvrn into rlig instead, and then I don’t need to write condition statements into all other features? I will try that. Thanks a lot!

Edit: that works without a problem. What a straightforward solution. Thank you!