Same outline to a list of glyphs

Is there a way to insert the same outline for a list of glyphs? Replacing the existing outlines? Preferably changing the advance width to match the source as well.

I’m thinking of producing demo font files for testing and would like to generate them with the charset of the full version. I’m not interested in excluding a list of glyphs on generate.

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You mean with a custom parameter, or actually changing the font file in the font view?

I guess either option could work. Probably depends on how to define the source glyph. If for example something like /.notdef could be copied to a list of glyphs with custom parameter, then absolutely.

Try this:

  1. Select all the glyphs you want to paste into.
  2. Glyph > Add Component and choose the glyph you want to paste, press Select.
  3. Now, all the glyphs contain a component of the source glyph. If you want the paths, you can choose Glyph > Decompose Components. But careful, this decomposes all components, not just the ones you inserted in step 2.

This only adds the component, but leaves the existing outlines in place?

Maybe with a ‘Generate Glyphs…’ recipe?

I’m not sure if you understand. The font has been done. All glyphs have been drawn and the character set is complete. Potential customers want to test the font before they it, so I was planning on making a test version of the font. This test version would be a fully functional with all Opentype features and kerning of the full version, but some of the outlines would be replaced with a text “test version” or something like that.

Ah there was script to erase outlines from selected glyphs, got it. It may not be perfect, but works for now. Those advance widths would be nice to get from the source glyph…

If you erase outlines before adding components, it will auto-align and thus inherit the metrics.

Yes it does! Thanks!