Sample string window doesn't re-open

Hello, after working with sample strings for a longer time I’m not able to open the panel furthermore.
Both methods I know – Alt+Cmd+F and Edit menue – don’t take effect: The panel will not re-open unless I close the edit window and open a new one.
Not a big issue, but maybe it can be fixed easily.
Thank you!

Can you reproduce it? Because I can’t?

Yes. After opening the panel 23 times re-opening failed.
Pressing Alt+Cmd+F highlights the “Edit” menue for a blink of an eye, that’s all. Chosing the menue line takes no effect at all.
The thing is that I have to close the panel after having selected one sample string for being able to apply changes to the characters.
I hope that this description is helpful for you. But as I said, it’s not a big problem.
Thanks, Ekke

Not a solution for the problem, rather a workaround: are you going through your sample strings a lot? Perhaps consider applying a keyboard shortcut to Select Next Sample String and Select Previous Sample String. These commands are hiding in the Other submenu.

Thanks, Mekkablue, that workaround seems to work fine. I did not know those menu items yet.