Sans serif italic with or without alternates


I am working on a sans serif family. It has a lot of alternates like a, f, g, i, j, k, ligatures, etc.
The italic won’t contains alternates (especially different characters), because it is not necessary.

My question is:
What do you prefer as designer or user?
a.) The italic typeface contains alternates, but they are the same characters as originals (these are duplicates). But easy to use in applications.
b.) No alternates so no duplicates. But maybe not so easy to use in non smart apps.
c.) An other way…

Thank you for your help!

How did you implement the alternates?
I don’t see a problem if the italic has another set of alternate glyph.
Definitely not option ‘a’.

I am using ss classes.

b. Duplicates would confuse me.

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