Save as photofont:

Save as photofont:

I’m trying to make a photofont. I believe I have to place the image (tiff) to the background and then save as .phf. But when I try to use the font in the fontlab app it won’t show.

Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

You have to use png instead of tiff.

Still doesn’t work. Also when I save and quit and reopen the file the background image is gone.

Is there somewhere an tutorial for making a photofont?

You want to use a photo font in Fontlab Studio?
AFAIK, FLS does not support PHF.

In Fontlab Pad

I have it working now, I think I had a problem with the size of the images.

Is there an size limit?

No more Photofonts in Glyphs 2.0 correct?

It is removed from the standard installation because it is not supported by any software out there.

Gotcha, thanks!

Try an sbix font, works on Apple devices:

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Thanks @mekkablue. I got this to work, only when I get the font to > 17pt, some images disappear, not sure why.

I’m on an unstable el capitan os, so that could be why.

That might have to do with how you set up you layer names/pixel sizes.

I’ve set it up just like the tutorial:

  • Regular (no image)
  • iColor 512
  • iColor 256
  • iColor 128
  • iColor 96

Here’s my glyphs file if you want to check it out sBix Font (944.6 KB)

There seem to be a problem with the exported sbix table. I’ll fixed it.

I fixed it.