Save to PDF not annotation

Hi,When I want to save PDF file,I selected ‘display annotation’,but the pdf saved was not contains the annotation,Why?What‘s the wrong?Help me,Thanks!

How did you “save PDF”. The printing dialog doesn’t have a “display Annotation” option.

Sorry,I uses a Sinicization Edition, it‘s show “显示注释” ,I translated into “display Annotation”

The localisation might be misleading. The field is called “Show Notes” in the English UI. That means glyph notes, not the text in annotations.

Oh,thanks very much,but how can I do if I want saved PDF with the annotations I added in the glyphs?

That is not yet implemented. What kind of annotations did you add?

I write a script for check glyps data error,I added annotations by draw a circle on the wrong points,at last I want save the PDF with the annotations I added.Is there a better way to achieve this? Thanks.

You could make your own pdf export with a drawbot scrip. Then you have full control over every detail. Have a look here:

There is a plugin for Glyphs that you can run the scripts from within Glyphs.

Find the Drawbot plug-in in Window > Plugin Manager.

Thanks everyone,I try it.

I thought glyph notes ARE annotations :upside_down_face: I tried to export a file with them by myself to another editor. With Adobe it worked out just fine, but others like this look just bad and barely readable

Can you post a screenshot?