Saved OTF file wouldnt intall or open to Mac Photoshop

hi! I needed to make an existing fonr, Monad Typeface bolder in glyphs. I managed the bolder version, saved it to otf. Then, The otf file wouldnt install to photoshop, when i double click on it, it just opens the glyphs app. If i put the otf file in my users library fonts, then it does nothing either. Im using a mac .

You need to Export, not to Save. Then install the font as normal. Or export to Adobe fonts directory.

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Dear Elena! Thank you! I exported it and wanted to install as normal. But the install window wouldnt pop up only the glyph program opened with the font. so i erased the glyph program. Then opened the font. the installation window did pop up and went through the process. But its till not in my photoshop, only the old original version of my font, but not the bolder one.i made. Maybe you have further insights please? Thankyou Petra

Please check:

See Georg’s tip - read the tutorial :wink:
If it sounds too complicated, uninstall the old font, close all Adobe apps, restart your mac, install the new font and then open Photoshop.