SBIX Color Font with TIFFs changing colour

Hi! I built a set of SBIX colour fonts for printing and I’m getting a colour issue on only one of them.

My sources are all in CMYK US Web Coated SWOP v2 colour space.

I made a document in the same colour space with the font to try it out and the green font displays a different colour than the TIFF Sources. I have no idea what is happening as there is no issue with the pink or black version.

Would anyone help me troubleshoot this? Thanks!

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SBIX needs RGB images.

This design is tricky because it needs to seamlessly align to a background and will be printed. The CMYK fonts work fine in Pink and Black though.

Is there some step on the export where the sources are converted to RGB?

Could I send over files to be looked at?

EDIT: These RGB colours are not correct either, this screenshot better represents what I’m seeing

Right now, the exported font will contain a .png in RGB colors.

I just had a look at the state of the support in different apps. I actually managed to write a CMYK sbix but all apps that support sbix on my machine, where showing a RGB version of it.

The system seems to convert the colors, so getting it to match might be tricky. Try to save the image as a RGB .png. That should give you the best control over the colors. You need to switch to an all RGB workflow, thou.

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Ok, I’ll make not of that! Thanks for looking into it Georg.

To anyone in the future looking to make colour fonts for print: conversion is much closer when using the FOGRA 39 CMYK colour space on the sources