Scale font to new UPM not working

When I try to scale a font to a new UPM nothing changes besides the line length in the Edit window. A 700 unit width glyph remains 700 units.

version 3.1.1 (3148) on macOS Ventura 13.0.1

It works fine for me. Did you type the value in the text field, or bring up the scale dialog first? The former only changes the UPM value without scaling the outlines and metrics.

I tried both. no change.

How are you scaling to a new UPM? Are you just changing the UPM value? You need to click on the resize icon and enter the new value there.

Edit: sorry, I didn’t read your previous reply.

Could you take a screenshot of what changes? Otherwise, would you mind sending the file in a PM?

A quit and restart fixed this issue. Thanks for your help.