Scale Tool - Fail at some percents

Square of 100 units scaled down 20% give as result an square of 84 units.

I suppose that’s a “feature” not a bug and thanks to that we can hit scale down and scale up and go back to the shape before the first transformation. More info here: Absolute scaling please

Despite all that i found that the values calculated by the palette scale are different if i choose a different transformation origin. With 20% it gives 84x84 or 83x83 or even 83x84 sometimes.

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The differences are due to the rounding. It does round every node individually and that can lead to different distances between them.

Why don’t rounding if scale up 20% or scale down 10%?
I can understand the rounding if I want to do 50% of 25 units -as example- The result could be 12 or 13 units.

Scaling the position of a node anyway produces fractional coordinates, otherwise the rounding would not change anything.

I really strange.
Because if I do the same operation from Transformation menu work properly.

Do you think that could be fixed?

This really is strange and confusing. The scaling in Paletter should not be % as it means a totally different thing compared to other UI, or it should just use normal scaling logic. I advise you use Transformation filter or Info Panel.

@Tosche I agree, with the logic it works with now it should look more like the fit curve tool. Bunch of buttons meaning i can scale 1 step, 2 steps, 5 steps etc. down or up.

@etunni I believe you can also type “-20%” and hit upscale button if you want to scale down or “20%” if you want to scale up.

I think that this is an issue and can be solved.

@dyb Why the pallet work properly without logic steps?

If it works well here, it can also be done logically.

@etunni This tool’s UI might be misleading but it is really powerful:

You can quickly go back and forth and check what you like more.

If you want the regular math use Info Panel (Shift+Cmd+I) or Transformations under the Filter Menu like Tosche said.

Info Panel:

@dyb The powerful of this tool UI is really great!, but…
…in the first step you scale down 20% of 100 units and the result is 84 is wrong, would be 80.
Try the scale up 20% an square of 100 units and works fine, result= 120.

@Tosche For scale down or up the maths would be the same.

It is actually scale and reverse scale, not really up and down scale.

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"I understand the function now"
But I think that could have a logic math in the future. :slight_smile: