Scaling images manually?

Hi there,

Is there a way in Glyphs to scale bitmap images other than numerically? I find very slow and indirect the way the size is dealt with in the Info Box.


No. But you can:

(1) make sure the images have the right scale before you place them. 1 pt in the image will by default be scaled to 1 unit in Glyphs.

(2) scale all images at once with a simple Python script.

(3) go the opposite way and adjust the font metrics to fit the images.

Any chance of having handlers added to the bitmap in future versions?

I was going to post the same question, will Glyphs 2 include the option to scale images manually?


will there be an option to cut and paste images / parts of images directlcy from say PhotoShop or Preview?

Cutting and pasting images is supported both in FontLab and Fontographer and anyone digitising headlines this option is a must.

Maybe Glyphs is geared for those creating original work only?

Another great feature would be to have the option to paste multipule grayscale images into each glyph and option to colour the image - this feature is included in RoboFont and it’s great!

Digitising headlines? I do not understand.

There are some batch-process scripts in my github repository and in tosche’s. Perhaps they are useful for you.

If you need to scale several images, I suggest to set the resolution for all of them in Photoshop. One point in Photoshop is one font unit.

Thanks Georg,
I am trying this application out to see if I can adjust quickly enough to merit purchase. Now, I have combed the PDF Handbook and also recently searched the forum, after tinkering with the application a bit, but here’s the specific and general issue: specifically I can’t seem to scale a background image (imported TIFF) to the appropriate size (to any size) – much larger, for using it as a template to draw in Glyphs (rather than draw the vectors in Illustrator and import ‘outlines’). So how can I scale (as the scale tool is not working for me)? The general issue I face is that I will need more tutorials for this kind of basic skill development in Glyphs. I am good in Illustrator and just barely started with both FontLab and RoboFont but would go with Glyphs instead IF I can get to work with a reasonable learning curve. Thanks!

I’m working in a more intuitive way to scale images. But I think the existing are not too bad. Especially if you work with several similar images it is much easier and more precise to set the resolution in Photoshop.

Make sure the image is not locked and View > Show Image is on. If you have to scale many pictures at once, try the Image scripts in my GitHub repository.