Scaling outlines

Glyphs 1.3.19 Trial

Using the Primitives tool, I draw two circles of different sizes in one Glyph cell. I then select one of the circles because I want to Transform it by Scaling it, but Glyphs scales both circles. This isn’t the behavior I am expecting. Is this a bug or is there something I’m missing?

I cannot reproduce this in Version 1.3.19 (452).

  1. How do you select the circle?
  2. How do you scale?

Glyphs 1.3.19 [452] Trial

  1. Double-click on an outline segment.
  2. Filter > Transformations, then enter a value.

The Transformations filter works on the complete layer.

If you want to scale individual outlines, use the Scale tool (S) or the Scale function in the Transformations section of the Palette (Cmd-Opt-P).