Scaling the insertion point of a component (without scaling the component)

Is there a way to scale a component’s insertion point without scaling the component itself? For example, if the insertion point is 1,1 and I scale by double around the origin, the insertion point moves to 2,2, and the component itself is not scaled. This is how scaling by transform in Fontab works on components (I am not complaining about how Glyphs seem to do it, which I like very much, just could use this way of doing things also). This is useful, for example, if I have a glyph made up of components and I resize the components by a factor and then scale the component insertion points by the same factor they end up in the right place for the whole font. Otherwise if I scale the component base drawing, I then have to go to each glyph and move the components into there new right place.

I am new to Glyphs, so apologies in advance if this is obvious and I should have known.

PS An example of how this might be useful, is that if a component is scaled in the standard way, then the weight and width of the component is scaled. Alternatively, within a component it is possible to change the width of the component without changing the weight of the stroke, but afterward the spacing where it is placed needs to be adjusted. Being able to scale the insertion point without scaling the entire component can allow this to be a mass edit of all glyphs in the font under some circumstances.

If you use transform filter to scale the font, it should take care of that.