Scaling using Transformations Filter leaving decimal places

I’m bulk scaling some glyphs and I’m getting decimal places on the end result how do I fix them all without going in one by one?

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I was going to ask the same thing. Is there a script to round all node and handle coordinates to the nearest whole unit?

I need to scale some glyphs from their bounding box … now I have to read through the forums to find out again how the Transformations palette works…

Because this is not an adequate explanation,

From Absolute scaling please - #9 by mekkablue

**Edit: I see it’s for scaling down, for scaling up I enter a normal percentage…

Maybe rounding should have a checkbox in the transformation filter. There are times when I just want everything rounded at once, other times I don’t mind shifting things back and forth a unit to see what happened.

how the Transformations palette works

The scale tool in the palette is incomprehensible; only Georg and Rainer understand it. Either use the filter or select your paths and multiply height/width by decimal values.