Scientific inferior and superior

Hello Glyphs,
I want to add 2 series of digits: Scientific inferior and superior. What’s the best way to add them and what’s the code? Like: one.(code inferior).

The default naming is oneinferior and onesuperior. You can also use the suffixes .sups and .subs, but they can get confused easily.

You can search in the Glyph Info Window (in the Window menu) for glyph names and other info. And you can add glyphs from there.

And is ad glyphs like: one.sinf, one.ssup, two.sinf also a good idea? I want the scientific more high or low in position in comparison with the normal superior and inferior. For gemistry notations like CO2, etc.

What is, for you, the difference between scientific and regular inferiors? You could use numerators/denominators (.numr/.dnom).

The numerators and denominators, I use for fractions. The normal superior for notes on the tekst. But for some gemistry you need a higher position an a lower inferior below the baseline.

Math inferiors are typically below the baseline; denominators are on the baseline.