Script : arabic languagesystem: farsi problems trying to develop persian farsi fonts.
first thanks for your stable software specially in context of ufo export from ttf fonts
because fontlab and high logic font creator and many online converters cant help me achieve my goals.
well .
issue one:
i clicked update button in features an get this result:
makeotfGlyphs [WARNING]
the total size of glyph names is greater than the safe limit for
mac osx 10.4.x and earlier by 6123 bytes, and will cause crashes.[font.pfa]

and next:
makeotfGlyphs [NOTE] Removing duplicate ligature substitution in ‘’ feature :

i tried to ask my problem in good way.
thanks for helping.

also please tell me that when i see warnings like this:
removing duplicate ligature …
and at the end line see:
[process Completed]
you mean that every lines that have makeotfglyph [note] or [fatal] …
say that one job was done and completed ?
or i should do for example this warning wants me to do that job? or compiler did that?

Are all feature set to be generated automatically?

The WARNING (the total size of glyph names …) can be ignored.
The NOTE will not cause problems but should be solved. You need to find the duplicate entry and remove it. If the feature is generated automatically, then you might have two glyphs that trigger the same substitution. You probably could remove one of it. I would need to see the file to be more specific. Could you send it to me?

thanks georg for replying

I tried to send the font file but the new user can not.

when i click details button on makeotf error dialog i see one file named null-temp.otf . whats this. thanks

Can you please send me the .glyphs file to support (at) (this website without www). We will have a look.