Script documentation suggestion

It would be useful if GlyphsApp parsed some kind of doc string within each script/macro so that when your mouse hovers over a given script, you might see a help bubble with some brief documentation of what that script does.

Yes, you can open the script and read it if you want, but I think this would be a fast way to become more familiar (especially for new users) with the functionality in the wealth of scripts we have today.


I was going to say “doesn’t it happen already?”, but I realised it’s not showing up at least in the latest build.

@Tosche Did it used to work? I’ve never noticed it before.

Ah sorry, it’s working fine. If you wait for a few seconds, a popup should appear if the script contains:

This script does stuff.

Yeah! Yes it works. So I should revise this request to “Add doc strings to shipping scripts”. :wink:

Mine all have such a doc string. And the Python templates for TextMate, Atom, and Sublime provide it too.