Script for rough outline effect

Hello all,
I would like to make a rough version of my styles. I mean the inky, printed look like FF Trixie. I was wondering if there is a script or effect for that. I am sorry if this is a basic question but I have not done type design in many years. Thank you in advance.

There is the “Roughen” filter. But an organic appearance like in Trixie is difficult with a filter. I think the original was done by printing, scanning and tracing/redrawing.

I wouldn’t say a rough filter is difficult, but the texture you want is highly dependent on the print technology it’s generated from. In the case of typewriter faces, the letters were printed from ink ribbons, therefore the fabric-like pattern. That is not the same as metal type, wood type, stencil, etc., on different papers. For each case, I think I can make a fairly convincing filter but not a universal rough filter that generates anything you want.