Script help request: Automatic exports

For my larger projects, exporting the latest TTF, OTF, UFO, and webfont files is quite a time-consuming chore requiring a lot of manual intervention. I could probably save a lot of time if I had a script to do that. Would somebody like to help me put that together? Unfortunately I don’t know much Python.

Ideally, the script would do this (with dummy values):

  • Open the Glyphs files XXX.glyphs, YYY.glyphs, and ZZZ.glyphs.
  • For each file:
  • Set the version number to Z.ZZZ.
  • Refresh the version date.
  • Set OTF export directory to ~/otf_path/
  • Export fonts to OTF.
  • Set TTF export directory to ~/ttf_path/
  • Export fonts to TTF.
  • Set UFO export directory to ~/ufo_path/
  • Export fonts to UFO.
  • Set Webfonts export directory to ~/web_path/
  • Export webfonts.

Is that even possible…? :grimacing:

That is possible. I try to put something together tomorrow.

Or simply export everything at once, and use an AppleScript as a folder action on your export folder.

Does this script help? I didn’t implement the setting of the version as I don’t know what you expect or where to get the value from.

You have to change the file paths in the top of the script.

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I just saw that the webfont export does not work. I’ll fix it.

That looks awesome! :smile: Looking forward to the working version.

As for version number and version date, I mean these two fields in the info dialog:

I’d like to «click» the refresh on the date field as part of the export script. I thought it might also be a good idea to allow the script to set the version number, but I guess then I’d have to edit the script each time I change the version number, and it might just be easier to edit it by hand in each of the .glyphs files. It’s not a big deal.

I forgot about the date but what should happen with the version?

I thought it would be good to be able to set the version number of all files to a new value, but I figured out in the post above that it would be easier to do it by hand than to fiddle with the script each time the version number should increase.