Script, "select same color" shows error message


I’m testing script, “select same color” by mekkablue and I got an error message. When I run this script, I got this message.
“NameError: global name ‘NSIndexSet’ is not defined”

my working environment : mac OS 10.12.6(sierra) / Glyphs 2.4.4(1075)
how can I solve it?


I need to fix it. Just a moment please.

Many thanks for your assistance!

I cannot reproduce the error. Are you sure you have the latest version of the script?

Yes, it is from your github.

after running this, I got it.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 31, in
File “”, line 10, in indexSetWithIndex
NameError: global name ‘NSIndexSet’ is not defined

isn’t there any other possible way without using NSIndexSet?

I have installed Xcode 9.2 and vanilla. can it cause that problem?

I just uploaded an update. Please see if this fixes the problem.

Yes, it works!
I really appreciate your support!