Scripting help: Add separator in menu

Hello, I’m afraid I am having trouble figuring out how to correctly add a menu item separator in a plugin:
How do I do this correctly? Using "name": "-" like in Vanilla doesn’t work, neither does an empty string (as you can see).

Is there any reference I can check for writing different menu items? Especially a fling-out menu would be a great help. Thanks!

For context, I have the following:

def conditionalContextMenus(self):

	if self.condition_met:
		conditionalMenus = [
			{"name": Glyphs.localize({"en": u"Show affected glyphs"}),
			 "action": self.openTabWithAffectedGlyphs_},
			# add a divider
			{"name": "", "disabled": True, "action": None}
			# add a submenu (fling-out)??
		# Return list of context menu items
		return conditionalMenus

Try adding an item like so:

{ "menu": NSMenuItem.separatorItem() }

Thank you! That works perfectly. Do you have any guidance on how to add a submenu?

Same thing, but the NSMenuItem gets a submenu. See

Something like:

submenu =
# fill submenu
item =
item.setTitle_("Some Title")
{ "menu": item }

Thanks! Got it to work.