Scripts loading but not working

I have a problem in my desktop computer (system 10.12.6). I can see all the scripts in the scripts menu but none of them are working. Glyohs Version 2.5b (1098)

Any idea?

What happens in the Macro Window?
What is your setting in Preferences > User Settings > Script Output to Console?

no, that one is unchecked.

Is that the same machine that had those Python problems when we skyped a few months ago?

If I run them manually I have that message

No, not same

Reinstall modules in Preferences > Addons > Modules. You tried a Mac restart already?

Yes I did… they were working until last update

Most likely was Simon wrote in the other thread that you somehow disturbed something with your python environment. The handling of Python didn’t change for some time.

what do you suggest? the python seems to work fine with FL app…

Can you run this in the Macro panel:

import sys
print sys.path

and post the result?