Scripts menu sorting


Since a few versions back, there seems to be a problem with the sorting of scripts in the scripts menu, where they no longer appear in alphabetic order. Just me? :slight_smile:


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They appear in the alphabetic order of their file name, not their displayed name.

No, that is not happening any longer. Look at my menu for instance. :astonished:

I think something is off. This happened after the latest update.

What Göran said. See alphabetic sorting in background for comparison.

I’m seeing this, too, since upgrading to High Sierra (10.13.1). This is with Glyphs 2.4.4 (1075). Plugins that appear in other menus (Edit menu, for example) are in scrambled order as well.

This is fixed now.


Hi Georg,

Sorry for being picky, however, I just updated to Version 2.5b (1111) and the problem is almost solved, haha! The thing is that I use an underscore at the beginning of some folders names just to stick them to the top of the list. And now they appear at the bottom of the list!

It would be awesome if that could be fixed. :yum: Many thanks!!

This interesting. The finder uses a different sorting then normal string sorting. But luckily, there is a special compare method to get the same result.

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In my case, is still disorder

Can you send a screenshot?

Which versions are you guys running? It looks fine for me in 2.5b (1111) on macOS 10.13.2.

I have another look.

2.4.4 / 10.3.2

That is, of course, not fixed in this old version. Try the latest beta.