Scripts not working in Glyphs 3

For some reason no scripts seem to be showing up in my scripts dropdown after I install them. It’s just empty, even though the scripts folder is full of scripts. I’ve installed all the python modules. Reinstalled the program. Installed Python on my computer. Restarted the program and the computer. Pretty much tried everything I can think of. Am I missing something?

How did you installed the Scripts? From the Plugin Manager?

What is selected in Preferences > Addons > Python Version?
What version of macOS and what processor do you have?

I intalled them from the Plugin Manager yes.
Addons > Python Version is blank, and I can’t choose anything from the drop down.
Working on Catalina on Intel processor.

Did you install the Glyphs python module?
Can you open the Repositories folder and delete the Glyphs Python folder. Then re-install it from the Plugin Manager. And wait 1-2 min. It needs to download some 100 MB. (I’ll add a progress bar.)

That actually did work! Thanks a lot Georg!