Second weight creation

I want to create a second weight, bold of a Telugu legacy font.

I don’t want to create second set of glyphs.

If I use scale function, I am not able to control the shape and stroke width.

Is there a good way to do this?

Please read the Multiple Master Tutorials, start here:

Problem is, I have only one master.
I don’t have a second master.

I want to create a second master by scaling or something of that sort. If someone has done it similar, I like to know

Does Glyph App have feature like this:-> Power Brush

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Not yet.

Look at this. This is precisely the tool that complements the power brush.

Do u have any plans to add these two tools?

I think these two tools are sufficient to convince me to buy Fontlab instead.

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Didnt know about that FL feature, looks awesome. Would be in love with that in Glyphs!

I don’t know who would be the right contact. If the developers of Glyphs App is reading this, please add something similar to Power Brush and Brush Tool.

With these features, we don’t need illustrator.

Without these features, this app is seriously handicapped.

What about to try Letterink plugin?

$100 for a feature that is already baked in FL?

This is really bad deal.

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What about Fontlab costing 150 $ more?


maybe @GeorgSeifert can tell us how to extend trial? lol jk

You can create a second weight much more precisely with nudging and curve fitting.

curve fitting?

Fit Curve.

Ok. GA + one or two plugins will take away the cost benefit of FL.

After that GA will be painfully expensive to add more plugins.