Seeing example glyphs from several other fonts in glyph view

A few years ago I was using a custom parameter to select multiple fonts to show up as previews in glyph view.

This was especially useful in Arabic and CJK fonts where I don’t have the knowledge of how letters can differ across fonts.

I assume I had a plugin installed that allowed me to do this, but no matter how much I search I cannot find it.

Any idea what I am talking about?

You can register preview fonts in the Macro window like this:

from GlyphsApp import GSGlyphsInfo
GSGlyphsInfo.registerPlaceholderFont_forScript_("path/to/font", "script")

Thanks, that worked!

However, the plugin or script I was using allowed me to see multiple fonts below the vector.

Something like this:

Were you perhaps using RoboFont? It has a plugin that will preview multiple fonts.

There is this GitHub - mekkablue/ShowCharacter: plug-in for displaying samples of installed fonts for the glyph you are editing.


I believe there was a plugin by @Mark that showed a user-selected set of fonts displaying the current string, but I can’t find it anymore, is it not available anymore?

@mawns it was likely my Font Spy plugin, which was available for Glyphs 2. I am about to get it live for Glyphs 3 very soon.

It is incredibly useful and really a great tool, I can admit. I use it a lot and want others to know of its usefulness as well.

One issue I had with it was the hardness of promoting that usefulness properly. I had only a hand full of (really happy) users. Everyone who has it, doesn’t want to miss it. But it was hard to maintain the work on it with so few fans of it.

Anyhow, the Glyphs 3 version is already in use here and just needs a tiny more work to be public again. I hope to remember this thread to notify you in hopefully a week or 2 when it’s live again.

Here is it in use for Glyphs 2. it also works with variable fonts:


@GeorgSeifert Yes, this is it, I recognize it. Thanks a lot.

@Mark That looks awesome, I am really looking forward to trying it!

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@mekkablue Any chance to update this for Glyphs 3?
I cannot seem to get it to work in my Glyphs 3.2 (3251).

The Show Character plugin works in Glyphs 3.2.

What am I doing wrong?
Nothing shows up, not system font, not Arial. With or without the custom parameter.

Do you have the plugin activated in the View menu?

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Yes, you need to turn it on in the view menu.

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