Segment component not working with CCW outline

Running into an issue with segment components not working when the outline direction is Counter Clockwise CCW.

Using Correct Path Direction, the outline is automatically set to CCW

With the segment and Start/End anchors set to the same direction flow…the result is the mirror of what is expected.

However, if the outline direction is reversed to be CW

and if the segment path and anchors are also reversed…then it finally works.

Just upgraded to 3.2 (3192) but same result.

can you send me that test file?

Yep. Here is a basic test file. (3.9 KB)

I’ll look at it in detail tomorrow.

It seems that it assumes that the “start” is at the left and the “end” at the right. Then you have to draw the segment as it if was rotated 180°.

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