Segment Components Bug

Copy Pasting a glyph without components:

Did you do anything when you were editing the H?

No this happens every time. I just closed the doc and re-opened it. Happens even without the H beside it :man_shrugging:t3:

Can you send me the file?

No, but I made a new one, with only the H, the component and the Asterisk :slight_smile:

Testfont.glyphs (14.5 KB)

there are some leftovers in the userData of the nodes. Run this script to remove it:

for p in Layer.shapes:
	for n in p.nodes:

Or the Garbage Collection script.

The Garbage Collection script does not remove these leftovers in the userData, like Georgs script does. Or am I missing something? @mekkablue

Would be nice, if it did though…