Select and and double click problem - v 2.3.1 (900)

Hi everyone,

I updated my Glyphsapp to v2.3.1 (900) and faced to problem.
Now I can’t select and edit with double click, any of glyphs at the Font tab.
But when I change it to list view it works well.

Any ideas?

OS X v 10.9.5

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Works in 2.3.1 (902), cutting edge version.

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Hi mekkablue,

Thank you for your replay.

But could you tell, where you downloaded from 2.3.1 (902)
From front side of Glyphsapp it is possible to download only Glyphs 2.3-895.
And for updating it allows me only Glyphs 2.3.1 (900)
“2.3.1 is currently the newest version available”

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Did you activate Cutting Edge versions in Preferences > Updates?

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Activate ‘Cutting Edge Versions’ in Preferences > Updates. Then check for updates.

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Hi again,

Thank you very much for your replays.

Ok, I updated Glyphsapp, Actually you was right about Cutting Edge versions,
But unfortunately the problem is the same.

See uploaded video. (703.4 KB)

I deleted plugins, but problem is the same.
I worry, maybe it is problem of my VmWare.
I mean I run Glyphsapp in virtual MacOS. In meantime it’s strange because v 2.3.0 has no this kind of problem.

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I changed the double click behavior to match it to the way table views do it. But running MacOS in VM sometimes has this effect that it disturbes the event flow. I’ll check that.

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By the way - pressing command button (in my keyboard window button) and then double click, it works.