Select Glyph Dialog script does not work anymore

Sometime ago Georg published this script for selecting a glyph in edit view via script. (“Select glyph” dialog via Python? - #2 by GeorgSeifert) unfortunately it does not work anymore. Are there any workarounds?

GSSelectGlyphsDialogController = objc.lookUpClass("GSSelectGlyphsDialogController")
selectGlyphPanel = GSSelectGlyphsDialogController.alloc().init()
selectGlyphPanel.setTitle_("Find Glyphs")

Master = Font.masters[0] # Pick with master you are interested in, e.g., currentTab.masterIndex
PreviousSearch = Glyphs.defaults["PickGlyphsSearch"]
if PreviousSearch and len(PreviousSearch) > 0:

if selectGlyphPanel.runModal():
	Glyphs.defaults["PickGlyphsSearch"] = selectGlyphPanel.glyphsSelectSearchField().stringValue()
	for glyph in selectGlyphPanel.selectedGlyphs():
		print (glyph)

Right. I had a look and restored it.

And I added it to the python wrapper. It version 3.2 it will be:

# PickGlyphs(content=None, masterID=None, searchString=None, defaultsKey=None)
glyphs = PickGlyphs(defaultsKey="PickGlyphsSearch")