Select Glyphs or Copy Glyphs in "Compare Fonts"

It would be great to be able to copy the glyph names so I can compare in a new tab, right now I can only write them down one by one.

Copy & paste in a text editor (like TextMate, SublimeText, or TextWrangler), then search and replace comma followed by space with a slash. Then paste into Edit View.

What do I copy? I select and copyy Font or Glyphs in the Compare Fonts window and nothing goes to the clipboard

Edit: I see now there is a section under Glyph Count with a list of missing Glyphs.

But there’s no list for Glyphs that exist in both files, but have differences, I’d like to compare changes from one file to another and would like to know which glyphs I should look at. i.e. the section under Glyphs:

what happens if you click the triangle next to the B?

It just opens up with information about what’s changed.

What I need is a way to compare two versions of a file and see what has changed visually, currently I don’t know any good way to do it in Glyphs app, for example in Robofont, I run a script that tells me what glyphs are different and then return that as a List Filter, then I use OverlayUFOs to render the other font’s glyph in the same glyph window so I can see the difference.

For Glyphs I want to get a list of glyphs that are different between two files, so I can similarly create a list filter. Then I will assign the other font as a background into the current one—not efficient as it will clear my current background, but I will work with temporary files instead.

Though this doesn’t help you immediately, I have a plug-in that does an overlay for visual comparison. I want to incorporate additional configuration parameters, do some additional QA, and clean it up before release. So, eventually there’ll be a plug-in available to do part of what you want.

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That would a fantastic tool!

Where can I find the script for RoboFont?

Very basic

There were two small issues with my roboFab wrapper. I fixed it and now the script works in Glyphs. Please get the latest copy if from my python repository.
You only need to add one line at the top of the script:

from import AllFonts
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