Select glyphs with Errors


I’m trying to fix a very huge project (+2200 glyphs and 3 Roman and 3 Italic Masters), the MyFonts the tester report that there are errors that I need to check and fix:

  • Glyph contour does not intersect itself
  • Glyph contours have correct winding directions
  • Vertical metrics will not result in clipping on Windows

The question is if exist some plugin or script that allows me to “Select conflictive glyphs” (something specific like the option “Select Glyphs with Outline Errors”) I spent weeks checking and fixing on and on but the errors keep bothering, I tried to globally fix using “Correct Path Direction” option but the problems persists and even gone worse on complex vectors like pictograms.

Note: A curious thing is that the Vertical Metrics setting is the same for all Masters but the error is present in just a few weights only.

Thank you in advance for your help

The first you might be able to automatically fix. Select all in font view and run Path > Correct Path direction.

And export with “Remove Overlap” selected.

And read this:

I’m already know that tutorial, in fact, is the same tutorial that the tester recommends to fix the problem, but everything persist, maybe I’m doing it in a wrong way.
By default I always remove the overlapped traces as a basic process, I think the problem must be a very tiny detail that I can’t find, is very hard to manually and visually check on +2200 glyphs on 6 masters… that’s the reason why I’m trying to go beyond the basics.

You can safely keep the overlaps in your masters. I a lot of cases it will help/improve interpolation.

There is a script (in the great mekkablue Glyphs-Skripts repository. It will find the talles and lower point in the font. Make sure that the winAscend/winDescent values are including those points.

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  1. The Red Arrows plug-in adds a menu item Edit > Select Glyphs With Outline Errors which selects affected glyphs in Font View so you can open them in a new tab.

  2. The mekkablue scripts have a lot of test scripts. Many of them begin with New tab with… and some of them may apply to the troubles you are encountering. For Vertical Metrics, I recommend the Font Info > Vertical Metrics Manager.

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Oh thank you, that script is very useful, it would be saved me a lot of time if I knew it before, this will help me to solve at least one part of the conflict :grinning: thank you again

Hi, Rainer,

  1. Unfortunately, Red Arrows does not show if some vector it is intersecting with another or not.
  2. I tried “Vertical Metrics Manager” setting values using the auto-calculation little wheels, looks better not, even though the tester is showing not this message:

“All fonts in the same family should have consistent vertical metrics.
Field name: ascent”

I will leave it as it is for now and try to find out what’s going on with this.

As for the intersections, you would need to check the compiled OTF rather than the .glyphs file. Consider a tool like Font Validator or Font Bakery.

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Where I can find those tools?
I guess I’m already found it haha Here

Hi Georg! Would it be possible to get a report of where path direction was corrected? Maybe in macro panel?