Select groups of glyphs

Stupid question from a stupid guy who can’t manage to do something very simple:

  • how can I easily select groups of glyphs?
    The best way is to use tags, because than glyphs can be part of multiple groups.
    Selecting by color label would also be awesome because it makes it more visual, but you can only give a glyph ONE color label. Or can you give it more color labels?

You can give Glyph Color and Layer Color.
Glyph color are same for all masters when Layer color is only for the master/layer selected.

To set Layer Color you have to keep pushing Option key when you set the color (you will see “Set Glyph Color” switch to “Set Layer Color”)

You can aslo make “Smart filter” with Glyph Color or Layer Color condition.

Hey Hugo, thanks for taking the time to write an answer.

My question was: How can I select groups of glyphs? (and I thought about using tags or labels because they are an excellent way to group items. So my question really was: How do I select all glyphs with a certain tag or label?)

Do you mean I can use ‘smart filters’ to select all glyphs with a certain tag or label?

I guess I have to find out what those are and how they work. Could you perhaps point me in the right direction?

See section 7.5.4 in the Glyphs Handbook:

Florian, thanks a lot.
(I already came across your “Guten Tag”.)

Can you give an example of such a “group of glyphs”?