Select Sample Text Command on MacBook Pro :: Bug

I’m experiencing a possible bug on my laptop, every so often the Select Sample Text window won’t open and it stays inactive for up to a minute before working again.

I then have to rely on ‘Select Next Sample String’ under Edit > Other.

It would be really great if you could enable a quick command for ‘Select Next Sample String’. Could really help workflow. I noticed that command + down arrow key and command + up arrow key aren’t utilized when in the text preview window.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

Which software build number?

And can you send me your sample strings?

Version 2.4.1 (983)

Below are my kerning strings. (2.8 KB)
2-Words FDkern (1.8 KB)

Can you try the most recent cutting edge version?

It tells me the following…

You’re up-to-date!

Glyphs 2.4.1 is currently the newest version available.

Preferences > Updates > Cutting edge, then check for updates again.

It seems to be working thanks Rainer, one other small bug though, the left sidebearing quick command doesn’t work. (So CTRL + left arrow OR CTRL + right arrow)

Shift + CTRL + Left Arrow & Shift + CTRL + Right Arrow both work without a problem.

Check your Mission Control keyboard shortcuts in the System Preferences. They are probably colliding.

This is explained in the Spacing tutorial:

That did the trick, many thanks @mekkablue !

Hmmm, now the Select Sample Text window is not launching once more. I can see the command light up under the Edit menu but the window fails to launch.

Restart the app once.

So far so good, I’ll let you know if it persists, thanks!

Unfortunately the preview window stopped popping open again. Worked for about one day without interruption.

Which exact version number? 1045?

Yes 1045

can you check the if there is anything when you try to open the window?

Here are a few screenshots I took when I open the window. It is working without issue at the moment, it only periodically doesn’t launch now.

can you put ‘Glyphs’ in the search field in the console app?

Here is all I saw.

Nothing showed up under the Devices > MacBook