Selecting a segment

What’s the quickest way to select the part of a contour between two on-curve points? If there’s not currently a quicker way to do this, I nominate that an option-double-click would select the nearest such segment.

Agree that selecting a segment would make things easir,

Or double click to select a segment, triple click to select a path?

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Any of these implementations will be great addition.

I need to select the hole path more often (all the time) then to select one segment (never?). So moving the select path to three click wouldn’t be a good idea. I’ll think about the option double click. I hope there is nothing interfering with this.

Fine with that. I personally prefer to double-click to select path anyway.

Sounds like a good binding.

A year later I’d like to bump this… sometimes in complex areas or when I’m zoomed in, I’d really appreciate being able to select a segment by clicking it, without having to zoom out and select the points at both ends of the segment.

I already implemented it :wink:

what!! Version 2.2.2 (826) ??

no, 2.3

This isn’t working for me. Is it an option double click to select a segment?
If this has been removed in the current versions that’d be unfortunate. It woud be a huge time saver to be able to select segments.

I think I had to remove it again because it did mess up too many other things.

I’d love to see it come back in some way. Maybe another modifier key combo that isn’t conflicting?

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This is a must have. Having worked for years in a software where segments are easily selectable (one click), Glyphs feels somewhat tedious for drawing. Selecting and moving segments is constant. Having to click two nodes or click-drag, while avoiding other elements, is far from ideal.
I suggest a simple “one click” just like with points.

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Hooray for Glyphs 2.6!

AWESOME! Bravo Georg! Sometimes the simplest solution is in front of us.

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Glyphs has changed my relationship with Illustrator. The longer I use Glyphs, the more I wonder why Illustrator can’t do the same things. I was working on some icons and pulled them into Glyphs, rather than Illustrator, because the tools are better.

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Woooooo! Thank you Georg!