Selecting anchor makes glyph disappear

There seems to be a selecting bug where the glyph disappears upon selection of the anchor or command A keyboard shortcut. The glyph disappears when selecting the anchor at certain zoom intervals. Sometimes to zoom in is the only way to select the anchor without the preview disappearing. Sometimes the anchor gets selected but the glyph disappears.

That is fixed in the beta version I uploaded an hour ago.

With this new updated beta version 2.3.1 (908) I am not getting the gray preview image of the marks when the anchor is selected. Does the display of the marks associated with an anchor have to do with the GlyphData.xml info? The glyph I am displaying is uni03C5030803040300 which has a top and bottom anchor. When I select the anchor I no longer see the stack of marks that use that anchor.

Can you send me the .glyphs file.

And why do you use uni-names?