Selecting glyphs, pressed escape, can't edit it

It should deselect the glyphs and allow me to edit the first glyph in the selection but when I press escape, the selection clears but I still can’t edit the glyph I am in.

It looks like you have only one glyph that all other shapes are located out of the Metrics width (Check your L/RSB to bring them in)

Nope, all of them are normal glyphs with positive side-bearings; there’s 3 glyphs, I just have two glyphs selected and I can’t edit it (same even if I select one glyph, or all three and press ‘Esc’).

I cannot reproduce this. Maybe redownload the app from and update to the latest beta.

On a quick test, though outlines are show as in edit mode, the layers in the palette sidebar don’t show the correct list.

As a workaround, double click in the glyph edit area; then, I believe you should be able to edit the glyph. Note how the layer panel updates and the grey info box at the box shows the glyph name and info.

@mekkablue: I saw this issue in Glyphs 2.1.1 (789).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open edit tab with some glyphs.
  2. Press T to get into Text mode.
  3. Select one or more glyphs. I used the Shift-Arrow key.
  4. Press the Escape key.

Note how the grey info box is not shown nor the correct layers panel info. Double-clicking in that glyph with the outlines shown will bring it back to edit/select mode (V).

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fixed it. Thanks for the detailed report.