Sell fonts directly from Glyphs?

We’ve got an idea for a feature in LTTR/SHOP and want to hear what you think about it.

Currently, there is a standard process:

  1. export font files in various formats
  2. upload files to the e-shop
  3. build a sales list
  4. put it on a website and sell

The idea is to skip steps 1. and 2. and start with step 3. within the Glyphs.
There could be some interface where you create a sales list e.g. styles hierarchy, bundle, language subsets.

What do you think about this?
What is your preferable process?

What happened to step 1.5, verify and test your export results? IOW how would I check and try my font in this process?

I think that designing and selling a font are quite different operations that warant different apps. Step 2–4. do not benefit from being inside Glyphs.

There might be some opportunity to store/build metadata alongside the .glyphs file.