Separate diacritics and letters on custom parameter

Hello everybody!

Basis is an instance that has the RoundCorner filter on the custom parameter. I would like to have different radiuses on the diacritics and the letters.

I tried to separate the diacritics with exclude and include with the new radius but it seems that the custom parameter always covers the whole glyph. For example if we take the aacute the a has a 30 radius and the acute is a 10 glyphs style covers the glyph acute with the 30.

@mekkablue already helped to come so far but now I am stuck. Any suggestions?

Thanks everybody

Can you try the RoundCorner filter as a PreFilter?

Hi Georg,

I’ve tried this and it doesn’t work.

At the moment the custom parameters are set like in the picture below. The negative radius is set on PreFilter because I have corner that need to be squared. So I opened the specific corners and set the negative radius to a PreFilter. This works perfectly so far.

But if I set the positive radius also to a PreFilter it gets totally messy. Not only are the squared corner round again, it messes up all the corner components I have set in the master. Below as suggested by you, right?

I would do it the other way around. Include the “acute” in the PreFilter. you don’t need to exclude it in the Filter, as on this point it will be all round already.

like this?

messes up the form of the diacritic

What do you mean. Can you send me the file?

Thanks for the file. I found the problem and fixed it.

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Can you try the latest version?

Latest version of glyphs app? Already is the latest version. Have you seen my latest dm?

I uploaded a new version an hour ago (v2.6.2-1238).

Yes tried it. Still the same problems with the suggested parameter setups. Inktraps curvy and exported file all _corner. glyphs distorted

Now you need to run them as “Filter” and not as “PreFilter” any more.

Thank you so much Georg it works as followed:

PreFilter RoundCorner;-30;1;
Filter RoundCorner;30;1; exclude: acute, …
PreFilter RoundCorner;10;1; include: acute, …

For everyone that would like another radius on the diacritics than the Letter works smooth on the latest version.