Separate Swash Font / Kerning

Another question. Thanks in advance for your wisdom! :grinning:

I have a font with a bunch of swashes that add to the font / end of lowercase letters. I want users to be able to access the swashes without a glyphs panel so I’ve created a separate swash font. The problem is this: the kerning between the swashes and lowercase letters is gone when using the separate swash font in conjunction with the regular font.

Is there any way to preserve the kerning even through the use of the separate swash font? Thanks!

I should also add, I have followed this:

It worked in regards to creating the separate swash font but the kerning is still an issue. Screenshots here.

Kerning works fine in glyphs file.

Doesn’t work in practice when switching between the two fonts in Illustrator.

Kerning can only work within the font, not between fonts. So you will have to put it in the same font file. Or make it fit without kerning.

Bear in mind that you can generate multiple font files from a single Glyphs file. Would it work to have a separate Instance for the swash font, using the Custom Parameters familyName and RenameGlyphs to customize it?